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Here we go again

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May 3, 2014
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May 16, 2014
Shingle decay in Port Moody

Shingle decay in Port MoodyThe odds were against it. I had never EVER torn off one Cemwood roof and this year I am invited to do two! Cemwood is a failed roofing product brought to market by a major multinational forestry company (which I will not name) many years ago. It was a steep slope roofing product that combined both cement and wood to produce a composite looking shake. Unfortunately it weathered terribly and broke down quickly. The first tear off I experienced was drastic. It literally broke apart into tiny pieces. So you figure 2000 square feet of this product that was installed two layers thick. So now I have 4000 sq.ft of material that is being shoveled off a sloped roof. But it doesn’t end there. Each piece of Cemwood has two nails fastening it to the roof deck. That makes shoveling tough. So these nails have to pulled one at a time before the shovels can pick up the pieces. They aren’t roofing nails with big heads but more so like finishing nails with small heads. I could go on and complain more but that is not what I’m here to do. I’m here to educate… and sometimes entertain. My education aspect in this post is to show you a picture of a roof product and tell you that if you have this on your roof, you should call me. Now I dance for your entertainment.