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Greg Krushel from Crucial Roof Services Ltd. has been servicing the Surrey community for over 20 years. We are the experts-to-go-to for concrete & clay tile roof repairs! The pros and cons of tile roofs are that the materials are very durable and long lasting but also require regular maintenance to maximize its longevity. Consequently, tile roofs are becoming an old trend that is slowly diminishing over the years, and we are the only few remaining specialists that are experienced and know how to repair them. We place a high priority in educating our clients with the best services and honest recommendations that are beneficial to their homes. Integrity and trust are our fundamental beliefs! Contact us if your home has a tile roof!




Case Study: Surrey Tile Roof Repair

On this call-out, for a roof leak on a Surrey tile roof, water build-up was the culprit. This problem began on the architect's drawing board, with too few drains specified in the gutter system. Under heavy rainfall, the system was unable to shed the water as fast as it collected. Some additional drains would definitely help. A rather unsightly roof detail suggested that may be the cause of the leak, but then I found a more likely suspect. Two full double handfuls of gunk were removed from the gutter. This clog caused the water to rise in the gutter, where it seeped under the membrane and stucco wall, causing it to run down into the garage.



  • Many thanks to Crucial Roof Services for providing such a valuable service. Being a general contractor, it is important to me to feel confident towards anyone who I hire to work on my sites. I was impressed by the level of knowledge and logical explanations detailing my situation. You guys are great! I thank you for the work you’ve done, the consultation and the follow up report delivered to us regarding the condition of our roof was very descriptive and shows your vast knowledge and confidence in your work. Great attention to detail.
    Superintendent Cressey Development, Vancouver, BC
  • I had a few roofers look at the job. Greg took my concerns and wants into consideration. He explained what he was going to do and why, he also had samples of materials he was going to use. We agreed on the terms. He and his crew did the job in a professional and timely fashion. It was a pleasure doing business with him and his company.
    Edwin Umerski
  • Crucial Roof Services was engaged after my displeasure with the quality and service that I experienced with another roofing company. Greg Krushel provided me with various options on how to proceed, and then, providing in detail what each option entailed. Upon choosing an option, Greg completed the job as promised, and performed follow ups to ensure my satisfaction. Furthermore, Greg was always available for any further questions I had. More importantly, he did not answer my questions in general; rather, he took the time and effort to explain his answers in lay terms to ensure I understood his responses. As for billing, it was Greg who voluntarily disclosed that a portion of his fee was to be held back by me in the event the job was not completed to my satisfaction. The holdback was not needed and was paid according to the stated holdback period. Although the holdback turned to be not necessary, the sheer disclosure of such and Greg’s insistence that I hold the portion until the elapsed time clearly evidences Greg’s commitment to service standards. I have no hesitation to use Crucial Roof Services in the future.
    Kwong Yee
  • Edwin Umerski
    I had a few roofers look at the job. Greg took my concerns and wants into consideration. He explained what he was going to do and why, he also had samples of materials he was going to use. We agreed on the terms. He and his crew did the job in a professional and timely fashion. It was a pleasure doing business with him and his company.
    Edwin Umerski
  • Dave Sandhu
    I’m very happy with the service Greg is providing me in servicing our properties. He responds quickly, clearly explains the problems and offers logical solutions. The response to my emergency service need on New Year’s Eve at 4PM was the topper. I wish all my contractors were that conscientious.
    Dave Sandhu
  • Jane Banfield
    During 2008 Crucial Roof Services Ltd cleaned my duplex roof, and completed repairs on several occasions. The work was done well, on time and on budget to my satisfaction. I will use Crucial Roof Services again.
    Jane Banfield
  • Fred Franklin
    Crucial Roof Services installed a new torch on roof membrane to my Vancouver home. The old tar and gravel roof had been causing me problems for some time. I was very impressed with Greg’s knowledge and information he educated me with. The job was completed on time and on budget. Every aspect of the job was explained and justified completely, including examples and material samples. A special note must be made to the cleanliness of the site throughout the entire project. Thank you Greg, for an exceptional job.
    Fred Franklin
  • Sue Wong
    Thank you for your prompt attention to our concerns, your diligence in following up, providing us with excellent information on skylight maintenance, the detailed explanation of what may be the problem and what was done and offering such a comprehensive, professional service. Also, your attention to detail is outstanding. Both my sister and I felt that you were terrific in explaining things in everyday language and appreciated that you took the time to ensure we were informed throughout. Wish we knew of your business much earlier.
    Sue Wong
  • Barb Jaako
    Crucial Roof Services was great.  They were thorough and efficient on the job, and their clean-up and debriefing afterwards was top notch.  I have used other roofing companies in the past and know that you can wait for ages for them to get back to you.  Greg with Crucial Roof Services was responsive to my emails and came when he said he would. I was really impressed with how Greg went up on the roof and took photos of what he saw, then emailed us the photos so we could see it ourselves.  Having built 16 homes, we are well-versed in dealing with tradesmen, and I have never had a tradesperson photograph a site and explain things to us the way he did.  I highly recommend Crucial Roof Services…Greg is in a category of his own category.
    Barb Jaako
    West Vancouver
  • The Buchan Hotel
    The Buchan Hotel has been working with Crucial Roofing since Autumn of 2007, when we required emergency repairs to our roof at the beginning of the rainy season.  Greg’s professional and quick response to the job saved us countless dollars in repair.  We then contracted Greg to repair and replace our roof in Autumn of 2008, being a hotel we have to be especially mindful of major repair jobs and whether or not they will disturb our clients.  Crucial Roofing’s crew were professional, and very courteous to our guests.  Some of our clients were in fact surpirsed to find out we were having a major repair job going on during their stay.
    The Buchan Hotel