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October 18, 2015
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February 13, 2016

rubber-gutter-repairsThe most critical part of doing repairs is surface preparation. That goes for any sort of work whether it’s painting a room in your house or fixing a dent in your car. Surface preparation directly influences the quality of the finished product.

With EPDM gutter repairs the hidden gutter rubber must be chemically cleaned with the appropriate cleaner. AND it must be cleaned well. This initial step may take just as long as the rest of the patching process in some cases.

Today in Coquitlam we were working on a membrane gutter, putting patches on all seams and drains, and we encountered a challenging cleaning environment. It seems the last roofer to work on the gutters failed miserably on several aspects of his work. Leaks were extensive. The products used were not appropriate so his work failed. In addition the roofing adhesive they used did not break down with our chemical cleaners so we were left to scrape and pick it off wherever it was used. Past poor work effected our ability to provide prompt service. A one day job turned into more. Good thing though that the usage was not on each and every detail we were fixing. The attached photo shows our cleaned surface ready for the next step in our repair process. You can see that we have cleaned both a corner seam and a drain and they are now prepped and ready for adhesive application.

For a full photographic progression of our EPDM gutter roof patch process, please call Greg at Crucial Roof Services. In addition we provide a free no obligation site inspection and report complete with digital photographs.

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