Vancouver torch on membrane roof maintenance: dryer vent cleaning

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May 31, 2014
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June 4, 2015
Vancouver roof maintenance dryer vent cleaning

Vancouver roof maintenance dryer vent cleaningIt amazes me that there is no better invention for a maintenance friendly dryer vent on flat roofs. These current style vents have a necessary bug screen that habitually gets plugged up with excess lint. The efficiency of the clothes dryer continually reduces as the vent and air flowability decreases…. so it takes longer to dry clothes.

I recommend once, if not twice, a year these vents be cleared of accumulated lint. Strata buildings whose dryers are used by more than one family will need a more aggressive maintenance schedule compared to a vent that only services one family’s needs.

Today in Vancouver we serviced a Strata complex’s vents. Not only will the clothes now dry quicker, but the removal of combustible lint can only be a good thing in reducing risks of fire. This particular vent was 90% blocked and the amount of lint removed was alarming. If you have a dryer that vents through the roof call Crucial for a no charge estimate on cleaning. It’s an investment whose return will be greatly noted.