The importance of roof cleaning

Copper roof drain failure
Copper roof drain erosion
June 4, 2015
Big Project Vancouver
Big Project Vancouver
July 20, 2015
West Vancouver roof maintenance

West Vancouver roof maintenanceWe were on a job today, in West Vancouver, whose simple task was to clean the roof. There was no leak; no caulking or patching required…. just good old fashioned preventative maintenance. The value of this service cannot be determined. How can you put a price on peace of mind? Yes there was an invoiced cost but cost is not always related to value. The ratio varies. For this homeowner peace of mind was worth far more then the invoice total. So in his mind he received a bargain. Well enough about psychology. You can see by the attached photo that debris had significantly accumulated around this drain deeming it almost useless. How does one know they have a potential issue on the roof, such as a plugged drain? They call Crucial and request a quote for preventative roof maintenance. Whether it is a flat tar and gravel or torch on membrane roof or a steeper fiberglass laminate shingle, concrete and/or clay tile roof or even a metal clad roof, I await your call!