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Infrared Roof Inspections

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October 28, 2016
Locating a Roof Leak
October 28, 2016

One of the greatest tools to come along for the roof leak “detective” is the thermal imaging camera. Our IR (infrared) camera has become indispensable in pinpointing the source of heat loss, moisture, water and air leaks.

It’s extremely useful in scheduled roof inspections and preventative maintenance. Thermal images show variations in surface heat, allowing us to quickly identify defects that are not readily apparent to the naked eye. Failure of insulation, will often result in roof leaks down the road, and we can fix the problem well before it leads to costly repairs or re-roofing.

Using the infrared camera also helps us locate moisture because it shows temperature differences between dry building materials and wet spots. Your roof absorbs heat by day and releases it as the temperature falls at nightfall. Wet areas release heat more slowly than dry areas. Consequently, the wet and dry areas can have significantly different temperatures at certain times in the day. These differences show up as gradient colours in the image.

Dampness from water intrusion, and excessive  condensation both show as colour changes in IR images. Insulation that may feel dry to the touch, in your attic, may actually be wet closer to the wood. The IR camera helps us “see” deeper into construction materials. Replacing inadequate insulation, or fixing a leak, is far less expensive than replacing a roof years before its typical service life is used up.

By controlling the temperature and air pressure in the building, colder outside air can be forced in to reveal cooler zones that indicate air leaks.

Having us professionally inspect your roof is only the beginning of a long-term commitment we make to all of our clients. By hiring us to be your roof inspection and maintenance company, you will have access to us year-round, and we welcome your questions and concerns concerning your roof.