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Rooftop flood

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October 15, 2012
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October 23, 2012

Roof leak repair, Vancouver, BCWent into Champlain Heights in south east Vancouver and found a rooftop flood today. There were two good drains on the roof but unfortunately they had both plugged up with leaves and muck. The leaf strainers were still intact and functioning but somehow muck got through the filter and plugged both drains. Water was entering the residence below around a roof vent. It was an easy fix once we got the drains unplugged and all the water off. At it’s deepest the water was over 8″. Good thing the rubber boots are tall! It is true that the roof system should have withstood this water load but after aging as it does the sealant around one of the vents just wasn’t good enough. Would preventative maintenance have caught this unfortunate instance? Perhaps. One will never know but I am a strong proponent of roof top inspections. Just imagine if this one could have been averted. The cost to react to the leak and then repair all the damage has to be over $5K. Maybe it’s even $10K. Whatever it is I’m glad I’m not paying it. Ultimately the choice is yours too.