The Daily Climb

Velux 2 x 2 sealed glass unit
August 13, 2012
Mother Nature
August 24, 2012

The Daily Climb roofing blogHi and welcome to my daily web log. I call it “The Daily Climb” because that is what it seems like I do all the time. Up and down a ladder. I take it for granted, this stepping off the ground and onto a ladder that leads to a roof. Seems I’ve done it a million times. According to WCB statistics, that is the most dangerous thing I do. More falls happen from ladders then from roofs or platforms. Many people are amazed at my comfort level with regards to working with a ladder. The step off a roof onto a ladder is like stepping into air. Dangerous? No doubt. Necessary? Absolutely. A ladder is critical to roofing. So critical in fact I used it in my company logo, some 11 years ago, without any thought or predetermination. I travel with 4 ladders on my truck at all times. I’m always puzzled yet intrigued by the people who say they could never climb a ladder as the fear is just too overwhelming for them. The fear of heights has to be one of the top 5 phobias. So please don’t underestimate the value or risk in what we do. Now get that slimy snake away from me. Those things freak me out!