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October 1, 2012
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October 3, 2012
Roof guarantee certificate, Vancouver, BC

Roof guarantee certificate, Vancouver, BCIt has come to my attention that there are companies out there, both material manufacturers and roofing companies, which do not allow a warranty to be transferred from owner to owner. This is puzzling.

Why would the occupant of the building affect the validity of a product or workmanship warranty? It should not. When the work is done to specification the performance of the roof system will endure regardless of the occupant’s name or tendencies.

In my opinion this is a cheap way to get out of the responsibility of honoring a warranty. I can’t support any firm that practices this policy. Granted there is a clerical cost to warranty transference…. but that is all.

Rest assured all Crucial Roof Services warranties are transferrable. Without question. Although it shouldn’t be; it is now your responsibility to confirm the roof system you are buying is not installed by a firm, or a firm that uses a product manufacturer, that is looking for an easy out. This business practice is dirty and preys on unsuspecting and trusting consumers who are expecting logic and fairness when purchasing a roof and its applicable warranty.

As an accompaniment to this issue, I remind all property purchasers to ensure their Realtor attain all documents relating to existing or remaining warranties on structures they are in the process of acquiring. I have been summoned to leak calls at too many residences which have a relatively new roof, which should still be under warranty, and find the new owners have no idea of warranty and with no record or means to contact the original installer.