What did I say?

Mother Nature
August 24, 2012
Today’s challenge
August 29, 2012

EPDM rubber membrane gutter upgradeDid I say I loved Mother Nature in my last post? I must have been on a happy pill or something because she messed up my plans again. I’m starting to get bitter. I was scheduled to do a large EPDM rubber membrane gutter upgrade with some 34 patch locations up in North Burnaby. I wish I could say it went smoothly. We arrived on site and saw dark clouds around but the ground was dry. We had driven through a couple showers on our way but nothing substantial. That is until we were setting up the ladder. Boom. The rain came down. We got hammered by a cloud that looked friendly. Not ominous but friendly. So here we go again. Pack it up, change it up and go see some other sites. So now what do I do with tomorrow? Weatherman says 60% chance of showers. I bet it’s sunny and warm.