February 4, 2015 Roof Report

November 20, 2013 Roof Report
May 22, 2017
Tile Roof Full Pull
May 22, 2017

Case Study

Roof Analysis: The property’s primary waterproofing system is that of a Columbia Red Roman concrete tile roof system. Such systems have a life expectancy in excess of 50 years. This roof is approaching 26 years old. The secondary roof system installed on all flat roofs is that of an SBS torch on roof system using Siplast manufactured membranes. For the purpose of this report; no flat roof systems were cut-tested to inspect underlying system components.

Issues of note: See photos above

Summary and Recommendations:

Columbia Roof Tile recently closed their production facilities once located in Surrey BC. As these tiles are now considered rare all spares should treated with respect. Select contractors in the Lower Mainland may still have stock of similar and compatible tiles. The pitch on the steep sloped aspects of the structure is considered extreme. Access to all points must be assisted by either a lift vehicle or WCB approved fall restraint/arrest systems. On such a steep pitch, the fact that all tiles have not been nail secured is concerning. Should a cleat or cleats release their contact with the horizontal strapping there is no secondary anchor to stop those tiles not nailed from rapidly sliding down the face of the roof.