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November 6, 2008
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April 16, 2010
Vancouver gutter repairs

Vancouver gutter repairsGutters are commonly found in two formats. Hidden gutters and exposed gutters. Hidden gutters are usually waterproofed using a single ply EPDM membrane. Exposed gutters are aluminum troughs hanging on the face of your fascia boards. I’ve recently done two full repair jobs to rubber gutters. The original installation is never done according to today’s accepted standards. Either the builders didn’t want an expensive system or the chosen roofer was uneducated in Carlisle or Firestone membrane procedures. I find most hidden gutters are leaking at the corners and where the drains are located. It is not necessary to replace the entire gutter membrane because of a leak or several leaks. Although the problem is systemic, it can be fixed by installing patches to all seams and corners. The patches are applied using compatible products. The membrane must first be dried, cleaned and primed. A special uncured membrane patch must be prepared and also primed. The patch is laid in, rolled with a steel roller and then finished with a compatible caulking.

The attached photo shows three new patches on an EPDM gutter repair. Crucial Roof Services should be on your call list for rubber gutter repairs.