Rainy season roof maintenance suggestions

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April 16, 2010

It is now the season for leaves to fall and rain to come hard so we have a few suggestions to hopefully prevent a roof leak. Firstly, if you can, get a ladder and get on your roof to look for and remove any leaves or other debris that has collected in or near your drains. If your drains become clogged, water will build up and could enter the building through an unlikely point. Ensure your drain screens are effective as debris entering your drainage system has the potential to cause large drain tile problems.

Ensure your downpipes are clear. This may require removing them to shake out leaf dams or snaking them out to ensure that all clogged leaves etc., is removed allowing for better flow of rainfall. IF in doubt of any of your roof system components, call a professional to inspect and report on their findings. This inspection service is free at Crucial Roof Services.