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Extreme attic condensation, Vancouver, BC
Extreme condensation
October 3, 2012
Nasty Bugs
October 9, 2012

It’s official. We’re the first ones on our block to start putting out decorations celebrating the scariest of occasions. Does that make us the North Delta winner?… or the people on the block everybody talks about. You know…. whispers about. Our kids are so excited about the whole process. Heck they’ve almost worn holes in their costumes already! Maybe we should have waited a bit more before we brought those boxes into the house. I like the candy part. Having the sweet tooth that I do, I make a policy of having to test each candy for freshness. We wouldn’t want to give our kids a stale treat. The most important thing about Halloween around our house is the tradition of it. In fact, every occasion the calendar permits is celebrated in this house with a family oriented to-do. These traditions are due to Rhonda and her values. I couldn’t have picked a better partner. Now, as a Roofer once said, I hope it doesn’t rain.