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Tar and Gravel vandalism

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May 16, 2014
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It’s just too bad
May 31, 2014


I was in New Westminster today following up on a leak in a Laundromat. The leak was heavy. Buckets were being filled hourly during the rain. Leaks like this should be easy to find. It has to be a large cause. I was very surprised to find a hole punched in the tar and gravel roof. This was not natural. This had been done on purpose. The hole was also concealed with loose gravel as if to make it difficult to find. Who would do such a thing? Why? Well I guess that is not my issue to resolve. I had a hole to patch. The roof was prepared, as in the photo attached, and a torch on patch applied. In fact I wanted to ensure the ultimate integrity of the patch (the poor Laundromat Manager had been working so hard with buckets and mops) so I put three layers of membrane over the hole. Each patch being larger than the previous one so the barriers the water would have to bypass before going back into the hole where staggered. This was not going to leak again. The concern now is that whoever did this may come back for whatever reason and do it again. I think of the Stanley Cup riots we had in Vancouver. I believe when it is undeniable that a person has been caught doing an act of vandalism that they should be fiscally responsible for the repair. How I wish those “rioters” had some debts to pay rather than just a fine, criminal record or nominal jail time. I bet this Laundromat vandal wouldn’t think twice about doing it again if he had to pay a list of costs his actions resulted in. I might even think of adding a little cost to my invoice and then donating some money to a victim’s shelter.