Waterproofing concrete

Nasty Bugs
October 9, 2012
Roof leak repairs, New Westminster, BC
The downpipe did it?
October 15, 2012
Concrete water proofing, Vancouver, BC

Concrete water proofing, Vancouver, BCWell today’s rain all over the Lower Mainland tested roofers work. I recently sealed my concrete coping stones with a clear coat of my favorite product from Kryton. I was very impressed with the result. It was like a new coat of Carnuba wax on a show room car. The water just beaded on it even though there was a gradual slope to the surface. This sealer can also be used on other surfaces such as unpainted brick chimneys, concrete cinder blocks or concrete roof tiles from Columbia or Monier. I think the rain is going to stick around for a while so I have booked three appointments already to go find some roof leaks in Vancouver and North Burnaby tomorrow. More to come on those!