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Greg Krushel

June 2, 2015
Vancouver roof maintenance dryer vent cleaning

Vancouver torch on membrane roof maintenance: dryer vent cleaning

It amazes me that there is no better invention for a maintenance friendly dryer vent on flat roofs. These current style vents have a necessary bug […]
May 31, 2014
useless-warranty-leak-due-to bankruptcy

It’s just too bad

I have a client whose Mother’s house I have repaired and sister’s house I have re-roofed. He’s a good guy. He’s always well intentioned. He has a […]
May 28, 2014

Tar and Gravel vandalism

I was in New Westminster today following up on a leak in a Laundromat. The leak was heavy. Buckets were being filled hourly during the rain. […]
May 16, 2014
Burnaby hidden gutter rubber fail

Old drain patch fail

We do a lot of hidden or concealed gutter work. Especially at the beginning of a roofing season as weather and temperatures limit our work “windows” […]
May 15, 2014
Shingle decay in Port Moody

Here we go again

The odds were against it. I had never EVER torn off one Cemwood roof and this year I am invited to do two! Cemwood is a […]